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– The entire conference will be held in English –


Wednesday 23 March 

Salle des Actes, Faculté de Pharmacie, 4 avenue de l’observatoire, 75006 Paris


  • Student lectures

Freely available to students of the University Paris Descartes. Prior registration is required due to the limited capacity of the Salle des Actes. For students of the University Paris Descartes please register here.

The subject matter of the three lectures is phase equilibria with a strong emphasis on pharmaceuticals

14.00             Opening

14.05            Introduction to Equilibrium between Phases

by Dr. Harry Oonk, former professor of the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

15.15            Stability Diagrams of the Three States of Matter:

Thermodynamic Origin of the Graphical Representations

by Dr. René Céolin, former professor of the Université Paris Descartes and the Université de Tours, France

16.15             Importance and applications of phase equilibria in the pharmaceutical industry

by Dr. Benoît Robert, team leader Sanofi R&D, Vitry, France

17.30             Welcome reception for participants of the JEEP2016 and the student lectures


We would like to express our gratitude to the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Jean Michel Scherrmann, who has been so kind to provide us with the Salle des Actes free of charge for the Wednesday afternoon lectures.



Thursday 24 March

Salon Honnorat, Maison Internationale, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, 17, boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris

Session 1     Chairs: G. Coquerel and I. B. Rietveld

08:30 Opening

G. Coquerel

08:40 KEYNOTE: Impact of Mineralization on Biomolecular Stability

T. Coradin

09:20 Phase Equilibrium of Binary Mixture of Proteins

M. Kastelic

09:40 Food Packaging Contaminants: Aqueous Solubility, Vapor Pressure and Henry’s Law Constant

H. Ishac, C. Goutaudier, J. Stephan, I. Mokbel, J. Jose, J. Saab


10.00 – Poster Session 1


Session 2    Chairs: R. Privat and J. A. P. Coutinho

11:30  Solubility,(Co-)Crystallization, and Solvate Formation from the Perspective of Computational Chemistry

A. Klamt

11:50  How to Properly Design α Functions in Cubic Equations of State

Y. Le Guennec, R.Privat, J.-N. Jaubert

12:10   PC-SAFT Model for Pure Water and Prediction of Dielectric Constant

S. Ahmed, N. Ferrando, J.C. de Hemptinne, J-P Simonin, O. Bernard, O. Baudouin

12:30  Thermodynamic Modeling of Fluxing Alloys of the Ni-C-Cr-Si-B System

N. Ilinykh, A. Krivorogova




Session 3    Chairs: H. A. J. Oonk and J.-Ll. Tamarit

14:10   Phenanthrene Purification: Comparison between Zone Melting and Co-Crystallization

A. Burel, S. J. T. Brugman, M. Mignot, V. Peulon-Agasse, N. Couvrat, Y. Cartigny, S. Tisse, P. Cardinael, G. Coquerel

14:30   Stability of Cysteamine Hydrochloride, Influence of Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity

I. Gana, M. Barrio, C. Ghaddar, B. Nicolaï, B. Do, J.-Ll Tamarit, F. Safta, I.B. Rietveld

14:50  Insights into Metastable Phase Diagrams by Temperature-Resolved Second Harmonic Generation (TR-SHG): a Case Study with 1,3-Dimethylurea/Water System

L. N. Yuan, S. Clevers, G. Baaklini, N. Couvrat, Y. Cartigny, V. Dupray, G. Coquerel


15.10 – Poster Session 2


Session 4      Chairs: M. Ferriol and M. Lomello

16:40   The Influence of Al,B Substitution in Aluminoborate Glasses on Macroscopic Parameters

R. El Hayek, F. Ferey, P.Florian, A. Pisch, D. R. Neuville

17:00  Thermodynamic Description of the Ge-Ho System

S. Kardellass, C. Servant, K. Mahdouk, N. Selhaoui

17:20 – Enhanced Solubilization of Hydrophobic Compounds in Aqueous Solutions of Ionic Liquids

A. F. M. Cláudio, M. C. Neves, K. Shimizu, J. N. Canongia Lopes, M. G. Freire, J. A.P. Coutinho

19:00-20:00 cruise on Seine (vedettes du pont neuf)

20:30 Diner in Un Dimanche à Paris


Friday 25 March

Salon Honnorat, Maison Internationale, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, 17, boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris


Session 5      Chairs: C. Goutaudier and J.-N. Jaubert

08:30 KEYNOTE: Ab-Initio Structure Determination from X-Ray Powder Diffraction, a Tool to Investigate Phase Diagrams

F. Goutenoire

09:20   Bancroft Point, Negative Azeotropy and Critical Behavior in Binary Systems: a Review

J.-N. Jaubert,  R. Privat

09:40  Influence of LiF and LiF-B2O3 Fluxes on the Growth of LaBGeO5 Crystal Fibers

F. Assi, M. Cochez, M. Ferriol, M. Aillerie

10:00  Enthalpic and Entropic Phase Transitions in High Energy Density Matter

I. Iosilevskiy


10.20 – Coffee


Session 6  Chairs: J.-J. Counioux and Y. Cartigny

10:50  Kelvin’s Dissymmetric Models of Phase Equilibrium for Multicomponent Fluids

M. Panfilov , A. Koldoba

11:10  Linear Behaviour of the Solubility Curves of the Widespread NixCo1-x(NO3)2.nH2O Solid Solution

A. Teyssier, B. El Goundali, M. Kaddami, J.J. Counioux, C. Goutaudier

11:30  Solubility of Pharmaceuticals: A Comparison between A PC-SAFT-based Approach and NRTL-SAC

B. Bouillot, R. Chaudret, T. Spyriouni, S. Teychené, N. Marchand

11:50  Energetics of Polymorphic Phase Transitions in 4-Hydroxybenzoyl and Statin Systems

A. Joseph, R. G. Simões, C. S. D. Lopes, C. E. Bernardes, M. F. M. Piedade, H. P. Diogo,
M. E. Minas da Piedad

12:10  Polymorphism and Dynamics of 1-FluoroAdamantane

B. Ben Hassine, M. Romanini, Ph. Negrier, M. Barrio, R. Macovez, D. Mondieig, A. Kallel,  J. Ll. Tamarit


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